Installation Art


When I have a wish, a dream, a hope, I fold 1,000 cranes, stringing and hanging each one and then installing them in different locations to fly like a flock of birds.  I have completed 3 pieces, made up of 1,000 cranes each, but I have folded many more than that in my lifetime.  The piece below is titled “Salvation” and dedicated to my mother’s fight against cancer.

“Salvation” Mixed Media Installation, 2009

Below is a video of this piece to help experience the feeling of walking around the work.  This video also features Nyugen E. Smith and his piece “Bundle House Worldwide: Soon Come : Mixed media/found materials mounted on Mixed Media wall painting.  Music by Shenandoah and the Nights.



Salvation (above) was created during my travels through Central America. Along the way I gave away many birds to little kids and adults alike, while also giving lessons on how to fold a crane. To the left is a photo of two brothers I met while crossing into Panama.



Cycle of the Tigris (below) was made in response to the cycle of war between the United States and Iraq, wishing for the the disharmony to come to an end .  The piece begins with colorful birds flying upright and then swiftly darkens into blues with sideways flying cranes, the “injured” cranes.  It continues further into upside down black cranes spiraling down to the ground, representing dead soldiers as bullets run down the front line.  Each “injured” and “dead” crane has a unique discharged bullet shell hanging from it.


"Cycle of the Tigris", Solo(s) Project House, 2014

“Cycle of the Tigris”, Solo(s) Project House, 2014



“Cycle of the Tigris”, Mixed media installation, Art Basel, Miami, 2009

“Cycle of the Tigris” detail of bullet shells


Hope (below) is the first full flock I ever created.  I had a wish I really wanted to come true.  This piece is titled “Hope” and is dedicated to my father’s recovery from a serious brain injury.

“Hope”, Mixed media installation, Art Basel, Miami, 2008


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